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World Book Day 2012

On the 2nd March 2012, Class 3 children and adults dressed as characters from books to celebrate the fifteenth year of World Book Day, a day where people celebrate authors, illustrators, books and the joy of reading. It was brilliant to see so many people dressed for the occasion. From the Key Stage 2 children, the best book character costume was won by Elyssia, she was dressed as the hungry caterpillar. 

In the morning Class 3 and 4 joined together to take part in a Book Quiz. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and were very enthusiastic in their participation.  The competition was won by Keelan, Maria, Jamie, Elliott, Ryan and Tyral. The children were each rewarded with a large Easter egg as their prize.
There was also a competition held in each class for the best bookmark. In Class 3, this was won by Summer and Maria.
Every child also received a £1 book voucher to use to exchange for one of the special world book day books or to use against a book of a higher value. Having spoken to the children, many of them put their vouchers to good use and have been enjoying reading books purchased.