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Water Aid


On Friday 1st May, the children followed the request of the school council and dressed up in blue for Water Aid.  It was clear to see the children had been busy at home decorating their Water Aid donations bottles. The children were very proud of their art and of the money they had saved in their bottles. Well done to all the children. I am very pleased to be able to say that the school raised in excess of £400 for Water Aid.


On the day many of the Class 1 children designed Water Aid posters; showing what they use water for and where water comes from. They said they used water for: drinking, washing clothes, watering plants, toileting, washing themselves and their hair, cleaning things and cars, and cooking.  They said they got water from: taps, showers, baths, rain, rivers, the sea and from the shops.  They considered what would happen if they did not have clean water and they thought it could cause people to smell, be dirty, be ill and even make people die.

Some children were given some water and given the task of conserving the water. The children played with the water, trying to catch it in various objects so that they could save some of it for another group to play with. This involved lots of discussion and team work. They soon discovered it was not an easy task and that they readily rely on getting more water out of the tap.