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The Strange Rock

FLASH NEWS – On the evening of the 17th October 2013, a helicopter was circling Denver and when the children came into school they discovered an unidentified rock in the playground. Here are some of the children’s news articles.


A meteor came down from space. It was outside our school. – Morgan


The rock crashed in Denver. – Emily


It came from space and landed at school. It crashed in our playground. – Hollie


It came from space and landed in a field. – Darcie


The rock was from space. It nearly hit someone so the helicopter came. – James


A space stone was found in Denver School. It came from Alien World and Space World. – Evan


A helicopter went by. A rock fell out the sky. It fell on the ground. It looks like a bit of the moon. – Abby


The rock came from space. It was covered in red and white sprinkles. – Harriet


The children enjoyed exploring the meteor with their magnifying glasses.