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The Frog Prince

Through talk for writing, a small group of children created their own version of the fairytale The Frog Prince. 



Freddie, Harry, Imogen, Kevin, Luke, Madison and Willis


Once upon a time there was a princess called Mia. She had a beautiful white dress. She had a strong castle and a scary haunted forest. 

     There was smart guards dressed in super armour and to get into the castle you need a secret code which you must whisper. This will stop the King and Queen being killed. The guards also had good smelling skills and were good at smelling out the baddies.

     They had clever guard cats and dogs to scratch and bite the baddies.

     The princess was playing in the garden with her golden ball, she nearly broke a castle window so she went down to play by the pond.

     She went too close to the pond and dropped the ball into the pond, ‘SPLASH’. The princess cried and cried, a thousand miles of tears and then a fat, jolly frog said, “Why are you crying?”

     “I lost my ball in the river, please can you help me get it back?”  the princess replied. “Only if you promise to be my friend, if you let me eat food off your plate, let me sleep in your bed and give me a goodnight kiss”, croaked the frog. “Yes I promise”, she said.       

     The frog jumps in the pond, gets the ball and brings it back to the princess. She snatched the ball off the frog and ran quickly away with the ball.

     The frog knocked quietly on the door. Nobody heard him. He jumped at the door and he made a loud noise so EVERYONE could hear him. The King and Queen said, “Who is that knocking at our door?”

     The princess answered the door and said, “Oh no my worst nightmare”. The frog said, “I am freezing outside, let me in, let me in”. The princess wants to say no but the King says, “A promise is a promise” and he makes the princess keep her promise. The princess lets the slimy frog in.

     The frog ate from the princess’s dinner plate.

The princess let the frog sleep in the box but he didn’t want to, he wanted to sleep in the princess’s bed. He fell fast asleep on the pillow of the princess’s bed.

     As the frog slept, the princess gave him a kiss. He turned into the most handsome prince ever. The frog prince was called Handsome Harry Willis the First. They put up lots of decorations and had a party.

     Handsome Harry Willis the First married the princess and they lived happily ever after.