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I have had 15 years associated with Denver VC Church of England Primary School as their local vicar and recommend it wholeheartedly.  My children had reached secondary school age by the time we moved to Denver otherwise I would have loved them to have gone to Denver school because of its friendliness, its calm atmosphere and the high quality of the teaching there.  The size of the school, too, allows for all the children to be treated as individuals and not to get ‘lost in the crowd’, as sometimes happens in larger schools.  Here, they all know one another and treat each other with care and respect.

It is particularly noticeable how polite and helpful the children are to one another.  As a vicar, I have visited a number of schools to take assemblies and was so impressed when I came to Denver VC Primary to find that I was greeted politely, asked if I could be shown the way and noticed how children stood back politely to let me go through the door.

All the staff go the second mile for their pupils and are often to be found in the classrooms long after the end of the school day or taking extra curricula activities.  Teaching is far more than just a job to them.  They make learning exciting and they very much care for each child as a whole person.  They are very approachable and I have found that even though I have no children at the school, I too can ask for time from them. 

I especially commend the headteacher, Mrs Jones, who always gives one the feeling of calm and confidence, whilst having to keep everything going.

Judith Grundy, Rector of St Mary’s Church, Denver (Retired)


Choosing your child's first school is a huge and slightly daunting decision, but I've never once doubted that choosing Denver VC Primary provided the best of starts for my daughter. She thrived under the care of Denver staff, not just academically, but socially, creatively and morally too. The fact it's a slightly smaller school was a huge plus for us - my daughter was really known by her teachers, and indeed the wider staff, and I felt as though the school worked hand in hand with us at home to provide her with stable roots from which to grow. Can't thank you enough Denver School - she's absolutely flying at high school and a huge part of that is down to the efforts of your team. 

Parent of ex-pupil