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Snow 13th January 2017

Weather warnings were issued warning of the forthcoming snow. It came but did not stay long, but Class 1 grabbed the opportunity to explore the winter weather and we took our learning out into the playground and experienced the snow first hand.

We discussed the change in the weather and what clothing we would need to wear and why. We started with a winter walk marking our footprints in the snow. We discussed the dangers of being out in the snow and talked about ways to keep warm.

We then brought the tricycles and scooters out to add tracks to the snow. The children soon discovered it was much harder to use these in the snow. The tricycle's wheels were slipping and sliding so the children helped each other. Thomas worked out that it was much easier to go backwards on the tricycles.

This lead to us immersing ourselves in imaginative play as we visited the North and South Pole, searching for penguins in the North Pole. Some children were intent on visiting Tescos to get some hot chocolate.

The children observed the changing state of snow as it melted into water or turned into ice as they made snowballs.

Some children put their creative energy in to making snow angels. The children even managed to make a small snowman. There was a buzz of excitement in the classroom and it was definitely a very rewarding and enjoyable learning experience for all.