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School Lunches

School Lunches at Denver V C Primary 

Denver V C Primary School prides itself on its delicious school lunches which meet both the government food based standards and the nutrient based standards as part of the ‘Healthy Schools’ campaign in all Primary Schools. We have our own Cook, Mrs Fenn, who prepares and cooks our school lunches freshly every day in our school kitchen.

Key Stage 1 (Classes 1 and 2)

The Universal Infant Free School Meals system means that children in Classes 1 and 2 are entitled to a free school lunch, so no payment will be required. For children who have opted to take a free school meal, it is expected that this will be every day and assumed they will have the normal menu choice, but if your child prefers the  school packed lunch or jacket potato option, please ensure they inform their class teacher at registration so the kitchen staff can be informed. We would like our KS1 children to have a school lunch daily, but if your child will not be taking advantage of this free school meals option, please send in a packed lunch every day.

Key Stage 2 (Classes 3 and 4)

There is a charge for lunches taken by children in classes 3 and 4 but financial help for school meals may be available. Information is provided below so if you think you may qualify, please contact the school office. From 1/09/2021, school lunches will be £2.35 per day.

There is a different menu for Winter and Summer which allows children to decide on which days they would like to have lunch - please see the link below.  For children who prefer a vegetarian option, we also offer a choice of meat-free packed lunches and jacket potatoes. If your child has a food allergy but would like to have school lunches, please contact the school office with details so that the School Cook can be informed and prepare meals accordingly. Each morning the class teacher will take a dinner register when children are asked if they are having school dinner or packed lunch from home, so it would be helpful if you would make sure your child knows what they will be having on that day.

Children can also purchase a drink (either milk or juice drinks) for 20p each day.  If your child would like to have a drink at breaktime, please see our separate page no how to purchase them.

Dinner money should be paid using the school's online banking details. Please inform the School Office of your payment at To ensure that we can provide your child with a school meal, please ensure that payment is made in advance.  If your child has school dinners but you do not send in payment, we will contact you advising the amount due – we would ask you to avoid this situation by sending payment promptly but if you are not able to do so, please provide a packed lunch or talk to us about applying for free school meals.

When an absence has occurred but school dinner has been paid for, the money will be carried forward to the following week unless a refund is specifically requested by you.  

Special Diets

Special diets form a significant part of our catering provision, and we understand that when a young person has an allergy, intolerance, or medical condition, coming to school and feeling safe to eat a school lunch can feel overwhelming.  Our caterers, Norse Catering, have produced an 'Allergen Aware' menu for those children who are registered with them as having an allergy or intolerance.  Attached below is further information together with the Special Diet/Allergen Aware registration form.