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Poetry Writing

In Class 4 we have been exploring poems based on meaningful issues as part of our topic 'Finding a Voice'.


We wrote a class poem about a tiger being held in captivity.


The Trapped Tiger
My temper rose and my blood boiled with rage
When I saw the miserable tiger trapped in the cage.
His once fiery orange fur was now dirty and dull
He was so skinny you could almost see his skull.
I later discovered that he was made to act
In an arena which was absolutely packed.
So I went along to the circus to see
This poor wretched creature who longed to be free
In his natural environment where he can happily roam
A place where he can feel at home.
My heart sunk as he was cruelly treated
Just to make him perform tricks, an animal defeated.
The crowd laughed and clapped with glee
As the tiger continued in misery.
I caught the tiger’s desperate eye
Then I could take no more and I started to cry
I didn’t know what to do or say
So with my head held low I crept away
Trying to forget such an awful, distressing day.


By Class 4