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Poetry Day

Impossible Gifts for Mum and Dad

These are the gifts,
That I would,
If I could,
Give to you.
The glow of Rudolph’s nose
The first snowfall in winter
The white wing of an angel
The first human that walked the earth
The world’s weirdest , wobbling, wolverine wonder
The definition of death and life
 Purple fire from Neptune
The warm summer sun
The delectable smell of a sweet dewdrop
The sparkle in the stars
The family of faces
The ninth coin on Venus 
An army of killer whales
The first breath of a caveman
A heart  full of hope
A pounce of a cheetah
A pocket full of love
A golden feather from an eagle’s heart
An angels silver diary
The seventh cold fire arrow
An extraordinary hover car from the future.
The blazing fire of a dragon
And the first golden rose
The first butterfly I saw
The first fairy that flew
The first werewolf as a goth
The kiss of a puppy
The first star of the universe
The first love
The boy discovering the spirit of Christmas
These are the gifts that I would,
If I could,
Give to you
Mum and Dad.
By Class 4