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Our Senses

The children have been exploring their senses this term. They have been using their hearing to identify different animal sounds, such as, peacocks, flamingos, tigers, hippopotamuses and peacocks. The children and adults alike found the peacock noise very loud.

The children went on a walk in school grounds using their senses to discover different items, which they collected and brought back the classroom so other children could feel the items. The children also used their sense of touch to identify 2d shapes in a feely bag.

They put their sense of sight, smell and taste to good use when they tasted a variety of foods. Many children were surprised that they didn’t all like chocolate after all, well not the dark chocolate anyway. The children used some varied vocabulary to describe what the food looked like, it’s smell and how it tasted. Here is some of the vocabulary:

Look - The kiwi looks like a bear with fluff on. (Evan)

           The raisins are brown, some are light. They are squidgy ovals.                              (Emily)

          The kiwi looks wet and juicy. It is green and black with white in the middle. (Grace)

          The raisins look like they have been squashed. (Kieran K)

          The dark chocolate looks like a black thunderstorm. (Finley)

          The grapes look like green baubles. (Benjamin)

 Smell-The dairy chocolate smells like chocolaty caramel. (Evan)  

          Many of the children referred to the products as sweet, sour, tasty or yummy.

 Taste-The dairy chocolate tastes milky and sweet. (Grace)

          The dairy chocolate tastes like a Willy Wonka Chocolate bar. (Evan)