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I am talking about.....poems

This week the children have been looking at the book ‘Freckly Feet and Itchy Knees’ by Michael Rosen. The children have enjoyed making up actions to go along with the verses, playing rhyming games on the computer, thinking up their own rhyming couplets in pairs, writing and reading their own poems, and taking photographs to support the poems. Here are some of the poems the children have written.



I am talking about legs,

Knobbly legs,

Long legs,

Dancing legs,

Legs that beg.

By Imogen



I am talking about bellies,

Jiggley bellies,

Wibbley bellies,

Bellies with hellies.

By Freya



I am talking about noses,

Big noses,

Spotty noses,

Banana noses,

Noses with blowses.

By Luke P



I am talking about tummies,

Rumbley tummies,

Food filled tummies,

Tummies with rummies.

By Eva



I am talking about heads,

Itchy heads,

Knobbly heads,

Painted heads,

Heads in beds.

By Grace B



I am talking about arms,

Banana arms,

Wriggly arms,

Sausage arms,

Arms with palms.

By Freddie



I am taking about bellies,

Jelly bellies,

Round bellies,

Belly button bellies,

Bellies in black wellies.

By Willis