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How to Choose a Good Reading Book

In Big Writing, the children created their own explanatory text with the aim to explain and give advice to others on how to choose a good reading book. Here is some explantory text to support you in choosing your next good reading book.


How to Choose a Good Reading Book

Are you stuck trying to find a good book to read? Well, by the time you've finished reading this, you'll know exactly how to choose a good book.


Remember ATPILB and you'll be able to choose your good book in a flash.

A. ASK a friend, teacher or librarian to help you.

T. Read the TITLE.

P. Look at any PICTURES.

I. Read a bit of the book to see if it INTERESTS you.

L. Look at the LENGTH of the print.

B. Read the BLURB.

Easy peasy!

5 Finger Test

If you are still unsure, try the 5 Finger Test.  To work out of the book's too hard, follow these simple steps.

1.   Open the book to any page.

2.   Start reading that page.

3.   When you get a word wrong, put your finger on it.

4.   When you get five words wrong on that page, the book is too hard and you can try again another time.

So now you know how to choose a good book. Enjoy your best book to read and remember this information.

By Keelan