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Educate Against Hate

Educate Against Hate Training Video - Educate Against Hate

Educate Against Hate is a website that offers advice, information and practical guidance to protect children from radicalisation and extremism. In school, we use this website to help us to safeguard our pupils from radicalisation, build resilience to all types of extremism and to promote shape values.  

What is Radicalisation?

Radicalisation is the process by which an individual, influenced by internal and external factors, starts to develop increasingly extremist ideals and aspirations to disrupt society that can lead to violent extremism or terrorism.

There is no obvious profile of anyone likely to become involved in extremism or a single indicator of when a person might move to adopt violence in support of extremist ideas.

The process of radicalisation is different for every individual and can take place over an extended period or within a very short time frame.

What is Extremism?

Extremism is the vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

For more information, please visit Educate Against Hate - Prevent Radicalisation & Extremism.