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Class 3 Summer 2018 Trip

Sainsbury Centre Art Visit

On 17th July 2018 Class 3 visited The Sainsbury Centre in Norwich.
We enjoyed the art of Lynn Chadwick in the sculpture park. She uses hard lines and metal to create animal shapes. We walked around the art galleries and did some of our own sketching. The animal shapes were scattered all around the Sainsbury centre and they looked menacing. We thought about how the beasts would move and what noise they would make if they were alive. Then we drew them.
The highlight of the day for many was the workshop with Jennie Pedley. We made pointed feet and a head to put on our fingers to turn them into beasts. Then we put them behind a screen, in front of a projector, to make shadows.
Comments from the children included:
The sculptures were amazing. The artist’s work was really cool. – Kieron W
It was great fun! – Edward G
It was a fun day. – Ruby MF