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Class 3 Road Safety 2017

Road Safety with Class 3
Today, 2nd November 2017, Mr Bethany visited Class 3 children to give us a talk on road safety. 
The children talked about how to be safe in the car. They learned that they should make sure they sit in a child seat not an adult's seat, they should listen for the click when they fasten their seat belt and they should make sure the straps hold them tightly in their seat. 
Class 3 learnt about how to stay safe in a car. A model car was used which could show what would happen to someone when a seatbelt is not used. The children were surprised at how little speed it took for a simple accident to become very dangerous for the occupants of a car. 
The children were amazed that at 30 miles an hour their body would be 30 times heavier – the weight of a small elephant.