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Class 3 Handball Event 2019

On Friday 4th October 2019 some of Class 3 were lucky enough to take part in a Handball competition. It was a rainy afternoon but the children had fun. This was part of the Omnes Games set up by The West Norfolk School Partnership Programme.

The ‘Omnes Games’ meaning ‘For All’ was designed to give those children who don't usually represent the school an opportunity to do so. The events are run as festivals, so no scores and results are recorded. Just an opportunity to come and play, have fun, meet new friends and fall in love with a new sport.
Some of the comments from the participants included:
It was very good because we won every match except one. KC
It was amazing because it rained at the end and was refreshing! SCB
It was very wet at the end but I still enjoyed it. CD