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Class 2 Welcome Letter 2019

 September 2019

Dear Parent/carer,
Welcome back, and welcome to Class 2 if your child has just moved in from Class 1.  I just thought it would be useful to tell you some changes in routine that you may find helpful.
P.E. is on Monday and Tuesday, so please send P.E. kit to school on a Monday to stay in school all week. Please remember to always put in a spare pair of socks and a jumper and long trousers for when the weather changes. If children have pierced ears, earrings need to be removed before they come to school to participate in P.E. lessons as we are no longer permitted to use surgical tape to cover them. 
Drink money is now kept in the children’s trays so please send monies in a named purse in 20p denominations so they can take one coin every day so they don’t have to worry about change or coming back into the classroom.  They will go to the hall and buy their own drink, initially an adult will go with them, then they will go with their peers as they become more confident.
We do not use cups in Class 2, so children need to bring a named bottle containing water only please, to keep them hydrated. At this stage of the year when children are removing their jumpers, lots of clothing tends to go astray if it is not named, so please ensure ALL clothing, including P.E. kit, is named otherwise it may end up in lost property. I do try to ensure they have their jumpers on or in their bookbags at the end of the day, but inevitably someone is missing something, but they do tend to turn up very quickly.
The children will have reading books which will be changed regularly and children will progress through the school reading scheme as appropriate. It really helps their progress if they read regularly, even a couple of pages a day helps. When you listen to your child please remember to sign the reading record and write any comments you have about their reading, and the page that they are up to, as this helps to keep a track of how they are doing and enables us to monitor their progress more accurately. All children will eventually be given spellings to learn at home and they will be asked to recall these on Fridays  by writing them down.  To help your child learn them it is good for them to write them down, saying the names of the letters as they write as this also helps with their handwriting.  The spelling test book will be sent home so you can see any errors and how well they are doing. I ask that these be returned ready for the test the following week, along with their home spelling book.
Lots of things happen in school and details are often sent in book-bags so I would be grateful if you would please remember to check these at the end of each day for any newsletters, information, spelling books etc, and only send to school what the children will need for the day.  When necessary I will put a board outside the Class 2 external door, so please check if it is there and what is written on it. Sometimes things crop up which are unavoidable and unexpected.
 When we start show and tell sessions I will let the children know when it is their turn and a note will be sent home to inform you of the dates.  Therefore, children do not need to bring items into school which may get lost or broken until it is their turn for show and tell.  If they have received any form of certificate for outside clubs, swimming, brownies, music, dance etc, please do send these in as we can take a photograph of it and put it on our display boards.
The children in Y1 will only have reading and spelling homework regularly, but on occasions they may be asked to do some other work. Y2 will have reading, spelling and maths homework on a regular basis. Some Y2 may also have comprehension activities to help with their understanding of texts read. 
If your child is being collected by someone different and this is not a regular collection,  please inform a member of staff or let the office know as we cannot allow children to go home with anyone other than the adults specified,  without prior permission. 
If you have any worries or are unsure about something please don’t hesitate to come and see me.  The best time to speak to me is at the end of the day when I have more time.
Thank you!
Miss Pennock