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Class 1 and 2s Visit to Prickwillow Drainage Museum and Ely Museum

On 20th March, Class 1 and 2 went on a visit to both Prickwillow Drainage Museum and Ely Museum.

At Prickwillow Museum the children learnt about the drainage of the fens; learning about wind power, steam power and diesel power. They were provided with both an historical and technical insight into the way the present Fenland landscape was created and how the area has been protected from water over the past four centuries.

At Ely museum the children learnt about traditional farming methods in the Fenland. They were told stories, sang songs and acted out roles with great enthusiasm. They were very amused by lazy Bill who didn’t get much work done!

The children sorted a variety of food produce, identifying foods that were grown in the fens and those that weren’t. The children got to taste lots of traditional foods. Finally, they got to experience going to a market stall and purchasing vegetables. The children were very knowledgeable and they were able to identify all the vegetables shown.

Class 1 would like to thank the Friends of Denver for financing the trip.