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Cinquain Poems Presented Using Powerpoint


In Literacy, the class created cinquain poems. Cinquain poems come in three formats:
Pattern 1: Line one – one word
Line two – two words
Line three – three words
Line four – four words
Line five – one word
Pattern 2: Line one – a noun
Line two – two adjectives
Line three – three -ing words
Line four – a phrase
Line five – another word for the initial noun
Pattern 3: Line one – two syllables
Line two – four syllables
Line three – six syllables
Line four – eight syllables
Line five – two syllables
The children explored the three different patterns and then selected a pattern to follow, going on to create their own cinquain poem. After these were written, the children created a PowerPoint display to present their poems. Here are some examples of the children’s work.