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Art Exhibition 2018

The Art Day
On the 14th of June there was an art exhibition to show parents the artwork that the children had made on the 30th May. All of the art work was inspired by different artists. Class 2 and Class 4’s artwork was inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, Class 2’s was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and Class 3’s was inspired by Andy Warhol. As well as that, the art club made some additionally brilliant art. But that wasn’t all! A group of children (called the Neon Group) made some MORE artwork, using Andy Warhol’s real techniques and using colours that made your eyes pop!
On the afternoon of the exhibition, there was a raffle and hundreds of tickets were sold; the lucky winner won a summer hamper. Furthermore, there were fancy cakes, scrumptious scones and mouth-watering sandwiches. And if that wasn’t enough, there were 10p books for sale (fiction, non-fiction, encyclopaedias etc.) The Y6 waited on the guests with  teas, coffees, squash and water. However, the best thing was that all the donations went to Denver V.C Primary.

We are very grateful to everyone who supported the event, especially Mr Bonham and Mrs Free who organised the Art Day. A special thanks also goes out to the members of the Friends for their hard work in organising the Afternoon Tea.