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Anglian Water Visit

To support our geography topic on rivers we arranged for a representative from Anglian Water to spend the day with Class 4. During the day the children took part in a variety a different activities to extend their understanding of both water and sewage.

The first activity involved them being given 5 different liquids and having to identify which one was tap water by only looking and smelling them. Another activity involved them having to wash up 4 paint pots using the least amount of water possible.

The children learnt many surprising statistics and witnessed for themselves how much water is wasted if they leave the tap on whilst brushing their teeth – a staggering 9 litres per minute! Using their new knowledge about how water is wasted, they made pledges for what they could do to be more ‘waterwise’ and save water.

The final activity was centred around sewage. The children were given lots of different substances which they had to add to water e.g. oil, food, diluted liquids etc and decide whether they would dilute, disintegrate or dissolve and therefore be safe to be drained away into the sewers.

Many key messages were given throughout the day and children learnt a great deal about how to be more ‘waterwise’. They were asked to go home and educate their families and pass on the important messages they had learnt.