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Active Kids

 Active Kids Festival 3

On Tuesday 9th July, children in Year 1 attended the third and final Active Kids Festival held at Lynnsport.
The theme for this session was a ‘run, jump and throw’ festival. The children played a range of athletics-based and outdoor activities to enhance the outdoor learning curriculum.
These included:
. Snake Run – leading and following in snake formation around the track and responding to the whistle to change positions
. Jump the river – children hurdle over ‘rivers’ of progressively wider distances
. Blast off – children launch a vortex howler into hoops to score points. The further away the hoop the higher the score
. Obstacle relay – a series of obstacles are set out in a course. Once the first is complete they rearrange the course to make it more challenging with higher hurdles or longer sprints.
. Standing long jump – jumping from two feet and one-footed take offs into a sandpit.
. Roll a Goal – an agility game that develops children’s ability to weave between gates that become narrower before aiming at a target by rolling the ball. 
 The children were fortunate to have good weather and enjoyed the event immensely. In fact, on return to school they shared their new games and skills with the rest of Class 2 in their PE lesson.
Many thanks again to Miss Pennock and Mrs Kenna for their help with this week’s event.