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A Trip Back in Time.


On Monday 1st April 2019 the children from Class 2 had their school trip to Gressenhall Workhouse and Museum.


We travelled by coach and took our packed lunches with us. The weather was very kind to us and we were able to eat outside and enjoy the April sunshine.

We learnt that the vicar was coming to tea today, and the organisers had forgotten to make anything special, so the children were tasked with making drop scones for his arrival. I am not sure if there were any left by the time he arrived as they were simply delicious! 

Also in need of attention was the parlour and the kitchen, both in desperate need of a clean. After  learning about how cleaning was done,  scrubbing the table with salt and beating the ashes from the carpet, the children were kept very busy doing all the chores.
The children were taken on a tractor ride around the grounds to see some of the animals that were kept.  They saw the horses and some little piglets that had just been born the day before.  There were lots of “aaahs” and “ooohs” from the children.  They were very  cute.
They went into the Old School House and found out that the children all had their own desks and that they had to be very quiet and listen carefully. They had chalk boards, the teacher sat at her own desk at the front of the class and they had inkwell for their writing.