Wed Sep 18 2019

Young Poets of the Year

2013 EDP and Briar Chemicals Young Poets of the Year Competition
Last year the school entered the 2013 EDP and Briar Chemicals Young Poets of the Year Competition. Entrants were encouraged to write on the theme of friendship. There were two age categories – eight to nine-year-olds and ten to eleven-year-olds.
Children from Denver Primary School succeeded in winning both categories. Here are their successful entries.
My Old Friend                                                     Brothers
She’s always been there young and old,                  Brothers are meant to be your friend,
I don’t mind that her body creaks and groans,          Even though they drive you round the bend
She’s faced the worst, her back legs run over,         They brag and nag and brag some more,
Just able to walk but her legs do shudder,               And when mine sleeps he always snores,
She will always be there in heaven above,               But he cares and looks after me,
I’m glad she’s alive at age 14,                                That’s why he’s the brother just for me.
She’s had some help with four special friends,
Friends helping her all the way to 2013.                   Thomas Murphy
Rachael Poll
Both our poets received their prizes at a ceremony in Norwich on 3rd October, which is National Poetry Day. They were awarded £100, a collection of Bewilderwood books and family passes to Bewilderwood park. Denver Primary School as the winning school received £1000.