Sun Aug 18 2019

The Old House


In Big Writing, Class 3 were given the fun task of writing a spooky story. They were given the title ‘The Old House’ for their story and they were shown a picture of an old house. They created lots of vocabulary from the visual aid and then went on to write their creative stories. Here are some extracts from the children’s stories.
If you ever wanted to go in to the old house listen to my advice, don’t!
Something pulled me in. I felt my blood going cold....The floorboards split and I fell into the creepy dark box, it was a coffin, the lid shut, I was in it.
I thought I would be safe but I got pulled by the wind it was terrifying. I tried to run back to my beautiful warm cosy house but the wind was too strong.
Then I heard the door opening so I ran into the living room and hid behind the sofa but they sat down for a bit. Then they went out again, isn’t that strange?
Do you believe in ghosts? One Halloween three children were Trick or Treating at an old house. The big slimy door creaked open. The boy went in and the slimy door slammed shut and locked.                     Rory
There was a creepy abandoned house. I went in the abandoned house and when I went in the door slammed shut. I was alone but then I heard a voice and it said spookily, “Look in the kitchen”.                    Callum N
It made them get goosebumps and a chill went down their spines. They were too apprehensive to speak. Suddenly, their sacredness doubled, because right in front of them was FRANKENSTEIN!         Keelan
I can hear big foot steps and it is behind me and it is black so I can’t see it.
As dingy Dom cautiously opened the big door of Monster Manor (well sign says that anyway) on Halloween night, he saw the most ghastly thing ever, he saw... A staircase(but no normal staircase), a staircase with FRANKESTEIN walking down it.                                                        Dominic
It was a trap that ended in a cellar, a cold cellar. My blood was cold, I suffered and died.                                                      Connor
His ghost now roams the house seeking revenge on the ghost who killed him.