Tue Jul 23 2019

Spring Topics Class 1 2014

Our topic for the first half of this term is Fairytales. Our topic will cover all the Reception areas of learning, and the corresponding Year 1 objectives.


Communication and Language (Reception)/ Literacy (Year 1)

The children will have lots of opportunities to listen to others and show understanding in show and tell, in the listening corner, listening to stories daily and learning songs and rhymes.

Physical Development (Reception)/Physical Education (Year 1)

We will be exploring different ways of travelling, making shapes with our bodies, balancing, looking at moving, handling and using a wide range of equipment and we will be thinking about the changes in our bodies when we have been exercising.

Personal, Social and Emotional  Development (Reception)/PSHE (Year 1)

This aspect of the curriculum will come in to our daily routines and when we have circle times, talking about ourselves, our experiences and our feelings.  The children will look at developing their working relationship with others.


Each week we will focus on one or two stories, poems or nursery rhymes. We will do a lot of speaking and listening activities based around it, this will also involve reading and writing.

The Reception children have done well learning their initial letters and sounds and are now moving on to the next stage, blending sounds and reading simple sentences and taking part in writing activities based around the sounds learned.

Mathematics Numeracy (Reception)/ Numeracy (Year 1)

The Reception children will be doing lots of counting, ordering numbers, and adding or taking away 1 from a number. The focus will be numbers up to 30, with children being extended when they are confident. We will be looking at shapes and patterns. The Year 1 children will be working together with Miss Pennock in Class 2. They will be looking at basic number, using symbols in number sentences and shapes and measures.

Expressive arts and design (Reception):

The children will be exploring and experimenting with different media and materials, and will be encouraged to use their imaginations in different ways; crafts, music, dance, role play and stories.

Listening to sounds and identifying long and short sounds (Music Year 1)

Exploring different materials for weaving(Art and Design Year 1)


Understanding of the World (Reception):

Forces and Movement/ Grouping and changing materials (Year 1 Science)

Investigating materials (Year 1 Design & Technology)

The Year 1 children will  be together,  working with Miss Pennock and Mrs Alves in the ICT suite, and they will be using ICT to create pictures in the style of the Mondrian. (Year 1 ICT)

Contrasting Locations (Year 1 Geography)

Famous Christians/ Jesus’ adult life (Year 1 Religious Education)



Drinks money:

If you would like your child to have a drink at snack time each day, please bring it in at the beginning of the week in an envelope with your child’s name on. This avoids confusion!

Naming Clothing:

Please make sure all your children’s clothing is named as it makes it easier to match the clothing to the child at the end of the school day.


The children are doing really well with their reading so please continue to support them each day at home, thank you.


In letters and sounds the year 1 children are given weekly spellings; please try to practise these with your child each day.

Slide and play equipment:

Due to health and safety reasons, please do not allow your children to play on the slide in the outdoor area, or on the equipment in the larger playground, while dropping them off or picking them up. For insurance purposes, children are only allowed to use the equipment during school hours when they have the correct footwear on, and are supervised by teachers.

Picking up after school:

If someone other than the usual person will be picking up your child after school, please do let one of us know. Many of you have already been doing this, so thank you!

If you would like to talk to us….

We like to keep in touch with you, so if you would like a quick chat when you pick your child up please come and find us. Alternatively if you would like a longer appointment please arrange that with us.

We are interested in hearing about your children’s development at home so please try to send in a WOW post-it each week. Thank you.