Fri May 29 2020

School Lunches

School Lunches at Denver Primary 

Denver School prides itself on its delicious school lunches which meet both the government food based standards and the nutrient based standards as part of the ‘Healthy Schools’ campaign in all Primary Schools. We have our own Cook and school kitchens meaning food is prepared and cooked freshly every day.
Key Stage 1 (Classes 1 and 2)
From September 2014, all children in classes 1 and 2 are entitled to a free school lunch so no payment will be required. For children who have opted to take a free school meal, it is expected that this will be every day and assumed they will have the normal menu choice but if they prefer the vegetarian option, please remind your child on that day so a vegetarian meal can be ordered. If your child will not be taking advantage of the free school meals option, please send in a packed lunch every day.
Key Stage 2 (Classes 3 and 4)
School lunches are currently £2.20 per day and there is a ‘three week menu’ for Winter and Summer which allows children to decide on which days they would like to have lunch. Each child will be sent home with a new menu for the season when they are available. For children who do not eat meat, there is a vegetarian option, but due to limited resources, we are unable to provide a packed lunch or Jacket Potato option. If your child has a food allergy but would like to have school lunches, please contact the school office with details so that the Cook can be informed and prepare meals accordingly. Each morning the class teacher will take a dinner register when children are asked if they are having school dinner or packed lunch from home, so it would be helpful if you would make sure your child knows what they will be having on that day.
We collect dinner money each Monday morning for the following week and would ask you to send payment in a sealed, named envelope, stating on which day/s dinner is required for that week. Please pay by cheque for security purposes as this avoids having cash in school and provides a record of payment.
When an absence has occurred but school dinner has been paid for, the money will be carried forward to the following week unless a refund is specifically requested by you.   If your child has school dinners but you do not send in payment, a letter will be sent home on a weekly basis advising the amount due – we would ask you to avoid this situation by sending payment promptly but if you are not able to do so, please provide a packed lunch. If you have paid for school dinners but your child has not taken them, you will also receive a letter advising that you are in credit.
Financial help for school meals may be available. Information is provided on the back of the dinner menu so if you think you may qualify, please contact the school office.