Thu Nov 14 2019

Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium
Pupil Premium Strategy
The school’s Pupil Premium for 2019-2020 is £14,480. This money is again being used to provide appropriate intervention groups, booster classes and in-class support where necessary. It is also being used to ensure eligible pupils are able to access an after school revision club. This strategy has been found to be successful for us historically and will be reviewed in September 2020.
Analysis of pupil progress, attainment and well-being is used to determine the impact of the support we give.
Even with good quality first teaching which we aim to deliver, individual pupils have different barriers to learning- these include communication difficulties, emotional difficulties and learning difficulties.  At Denver School we identify what those barriers are for each child. If necessary, a support plan is prepared which is shared with the parent/carer which identifies the support given in school and what the parent may do at home to support the child.
Progress is tracked using the school tracking system and support plans are reviewed and adjusted accordingly.
For the academic year 2018-2019 the impact of the support provided for eligible pupils was good.