Wed Sep 18 2019

National Poetry Day 2014


Out of this World
On National Poetry Day Class 3 wrote some poems based upon the theme of ‘Out of this World’ to enter into a competition. Here are just a few of them.
Mercury next to sun
Venus small and rocky
Earth we live on
Mars next to us
Jupiter my favourite
Saturn with rings
Uranus you know
Neptune the last one.
By Francesca Cooper Age 7
Demolition Alien
I open my window and what do I see.
I see an alien staring at ME!
I’m scared but wait it’s a baby.
So I go outside and…
I let it in but what a din.
It sounds like a clattering tin.
Must be the tools and the pool.
What does it eat I thought.
It was trying to eat the aga.
I won’t stop it so I will say goodbye.
By William Dawson, Age 8
My Pet Alien
I went to the pet shop and what did I see
A little purple alien staring at me.
So I asked my mum if I could buy it
But she said no because it will spit
So when I got home and sat on my throne
The little purple alien went in my bedroom
And gobbled up my comb.
By Grace Meadows Flint, Age 8
My Brothers an Alien
Monday – I saw green lines coming out of this shirt.
Tuesday – I saw extra eyes on this face.
Wednesday – I can hear him speak martian
Thursday – I can see him all green like a very sick plant.
Friday – He had P. E. and took off his clothes
And what did I see …
An ALIEN standing in front of me.

By Maisie Elwin, Age 8