Sun Aug 18 2019

My Secret Garden


In Big Writing, Class 3 were taken on a tour of the school grounds to investigate the sights, sounds, smells, and the feeling of being outside. Whilst outside they tried to envisage their own make believe secret gardens. They were given the title ‘My Secret Garden’ and then went on to write about their secret gardens. Here are some extracts from the children’s creative writing.
In my secret garden I have loads of oak trees to prevent the willing public from getting sunburnt. I also have the best alarm system in the world only because my garden is so, so precious to me! One thing I try not to let my lovely visitors see is my top of the range stereo which I play music of birds tweeting. Dominic
My magic flower is purple. Butterflies fly like a thousand charms. Caitlin
On the apple tree was a red juicy irresistible apple. Eron
In my garden I have a pond that reflects sunlight. Callum N
My secret garden looks lovely but it is full of evil like attackers, thieves and beggars.
Blue waterfall like the sea. Green grass as green as grass snakes. Trees that look like they are dancing in the wind. Bushes that have the most beautiful berries but poisonous. Bees that buzz so loud. Eliza
Every day, bees are pecking at the pollen, like a woodpecker pecking wood. These bees, bumble bees, are an original black and white striped with a sort of furry coating, however, they seem in a way, to look much, much more prettier. Keelan
There is also an air raid shelter that releases a never ending flow of wolf-bats out of its windows; there is else! MY ADVICE IS STAY AWAY FROM THE SECRET GARDEN! Thomas