Wed Sep 18 2019

KS2 SCVA Art Trip 2016

KS2 Trip to The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts – 18th May 2016

Denver visited the Sainsbury Centre on a rainy Wednesday. We had guided tours of some of the art exhibits. The volunteers who took the groups around were very complimentary about the questions and behaviour of our children.  Our children also had the opportunity to draw some of the art that they really liked.
During the day both classes had a separate workshop with artist Rachel Anstey-Sanders.
Sculpture workshop, yr5/6:
Taking inspiration from Henry Moore’s working method, the children created an abstracted animal sculpture starting from the natural form of tree branches. The children added balls of paper to their stick to alter its shape. The paper was secured in place with vinyl tape, which was then be wrapped around the entire surface of the sculpture to create a smoothness akin to Moore’s sculptures
Textile Workshop, yr3/4:
The children had a go at felt-making. They teased merino wool fibres and then learnt how to bond these together by hand using olive soap. They took inspiration from some of the paintings on display in the gallery. Each child made a small flat piece of multi-coloured cloth with an abstract pattern.
Comments about the trip included:
“I liked it, some of it was really, really weird.” Lucy Class 4
“It was so much better than I thought it would be. The best bit was making my stick sculpture.” Willis Class 3
“It was fun and educational.” Ryan, Class 4
“It was really fun.” Cole, Class 4