Wed Sep 18 2019

Crucial Crew 2013

On the afternoon of Monday 22nd March 2013 a group of Year 6 children attended the annual Crucial Crew. This is a national scheme which teaches children how to tackle personal dangers and helps to prevent them from becoming involved in crime. In fun and effective scenarios the children experienced emergency/dangerous situations in a controlled environment.

The four main aims are:-

1. Encourage responsible/effective action in children.

2. Sensitise children to emergency and/or dangerous situations.

3. Develop social awareness and care for the social environment and others.

4. Raise awareness of the consequences of offending behaviour.

This time they had a talk from Trading Standards about the dangers of counterfeit goods. Fire safety instruction which included being 'trapped' in a 'smoke' filled bedroom. St Johns Ambulance showed them how to put someone in the recovery position. The afternoon continued with a short talk from the youth offending team, followed by Internet safety, especially the use of social networking sites and personal safety when out and about with friends.

The children responded well to the afternoon giving lots of sensible answers when questioned and enjoyed the experience.