Thu Sep 19 2019

Cross Country Intra-School Competition

In the autumn term 2015 we held our first intra-school cross country competition. This involved the children in KS2 all competing against each other to earn points for their red/white/blue teams.

There were 8 races in total: Y3 girls, Y3 boys, Y4 girls, Y4 boys, Y5 girls, Y5 boys, Y6 girls and Y6 boys.

There were some fantastic individual performances and the following children won their races:

Y3 Girls - Mollie

Y3 Boys - Luke

Y4 Girls - Imogen

Y4 Boys - Kevin

Y5 Girls - Gracie

Y5 Boys - Dillan

Y6 Girls - Erin

Y6 Boys - Ewan

The winners received 30 points for their team, 2nd place received 20 points and 3rd place received 10 points.

The white team earned 150 points, the blue team 160 points and the red team 170 points.

Well done to all the children for their effort!