Thu Sep 19 2019

Class 4 Victorian Visit

On 9th October Class 4 travelled back to 1892 when they visited the Victorian School at Great Cressingham. They all dressed up as Victorian children for the day in order to really experience what it would have been like to go to school in Victorian times.

The morning was spent in the authentic classroom participating in lessons such as reciting, drawing, reading writing, singing and arithmetic. Girls and boys were separated and took part in different activities - the girls had a sewing lesson, whereas the boys drew objects found in the nature area.

After a busy morning in the classroom, the children were given the opportunity to play with real Victorian playground games including spinning tops, marbles, skipping ropes and hoopla. They even had to wash their hands in carbolic soap!

The children enjoyed the visit and proved themselves to be excellent Victorian scholars. Here is a selections of photos taken throughout the day.