Wed Sep 18 2019

Class 3 Topics Spring 2017

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to the Spring Term, we will be doing lots of exciting things this year and here is a flavour of what we will be working on this term. 
Literacy: We are looking at Persuasive Texts and Fables this term.
Numeracy: We will begin by looking at multiplication, division and fractions.
Science: Electricity and Animals are our areas to investigate this term.
Design and Technology: We will be investigating, designing, creating and evaluating our own storybooks.
Computing: We will use computers to research and present ideas for new chocolate bars.
History: This term we will be looking at the world of the Vikings.
Geography: We will look at settlements and how people live differently in other parts of the world.
Art and Design: We will look at the Art Nouveau movement.
Music: The children will continue to explore musical intervals, look at music from around the world and learn songs from other musical cultures. They will write a friendship song for children at a school in New Zealand as a part of the Friend's Art project.
PE: This term we will be playing Invasion Games and Gymnastics. Children should bring in their PE kits each Monday and take them home on the Friday.
RE: This term we will be looking at Christianity and the significance of Easter.
PHSE/Citizenship: We will be looking at healthy lives as part of our Legacy Challenge lessons.
French: We will be, working on phrases and words involving the alphabet, time, weather and numbers.
Homework: Homework will be set on Wednesday to be returned the following Wednesday. Spellings will also be set, some children find it extremely beneficial to read these with their parents/carers and your support in this is very welcome. Additionally if your child is a developing reader it is important that they get as much support at home as possible through reading and sharing books. 
If you have any queries about your child please feel free to contact me. Sometimes conversations at the beginning of the day are not easy as lessons need to be started promptly so after school meetings would be preferable.
I look forward to the exciting term ahead with Class 3.
Mr Bonham