Sun Nov 17 2019

Class 2 topics Autumn 2018


Class 2 topics



Dear Parent/ Carer,
 I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what topics Class 2 will be covering throughout the Autumn Term 2018.
 Literacy: In literacy the children will be looking at narrative and writing stories with a familiar setting based on the book Leaf Man. They will be doing an author study on Julia Donaldson and looking at her books, so if you have any of these that you are willing to bring in for the class to share we will be able to make a display.  Our non-fiction topic for this term is Instructions and Labels and Captions.
Numeracy: In addition to the four operations, the children will learn about place value and learn to compare and order numbers.
Science: This term the children will learn about materials and their suitability for a particular purpose.  After half term they will study animals in their natural habitat globally.
Design Technology / Art /Cookery: We will be exploring colour and colour mixing and extending pictures from a central point, and for cookery this term the children will be looking at different ways of cooking eggs. In Design Technology they will be looking at mechanisms and how things move and will make a Roly-Poly.
Music: This term the children will be looking at groups of instruments. They will study the woodwind, percussion, string and brass families and try to identify them by sight and sound. Along with partaking in listening exercises and musical games, they will also begin work on the Christmas production.
PE: The children will learn the skills for striking and fielding games. After half term when the weather becomes colder they will be doing dance inside. Please remember to remove any earrings on Monday and Tuesday and please, also to include a pair of trainers, jogging bottoms and a P.E. top as they will be outside on the field when the weather allows after the half term break.
 PSHE: This term the children will learn about a healthy life style. They will each have the opportunity to do a show and tell to improve their confidence in front of an audience. A note will be sent out so you know what date to send in the information. 
RE: This term the R.E. is about Christianity. They will learn a little about creation and the importance of Christmas to Christians.
Geography/History The children will be learning about the continents and oceans for geography. After half term they will do history and events in the past that have an impact on today’s world.
Computing: The children will learn about internet safety.  They will also learn about algorithms.
If you have any questions about any of the topics please do not hesitate to come and see me.
 Yours sincerely
Miss Pennock.