Wed Sep 18 2019

Class 1 Topics Summer Term 2014

Here are the topics Class 1 will be covering over the summer term.

Communication and Language (Reception)/ Literacy (Year 1)

The children will have lots of opportunities to listen to others and show understanding in show and tell, in the listening corner, listening to stories daily, learning songs and rhymes and taking part in role play. The Year 1s will be learning to use dictionaries, write recounts and take part in Big Writing.


Physical Development (Reception)/Physical Education (Year 1)

The children will be learning skills for team games, such as hockey and getting prepared for the Sports Day activities. They will be continuing to handle and use a wide range of equipment and they will be thinking about the changes in their bodies when they have been exercising.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Reception)/PSHE (Year 1)

The children will be looking at celebrating their differences, discussing what it means to be kind to others, explore friendships - thinking about the skills needed to be a good friend, and discuss feelings.



Each week we will focus on one or two stories, poems or nursery rhymes. We will do a lot of speaking and listening activities based around it, this will also involve reading and writing. All children will continue with their daily Letters and Sounds activities.


Mathematics Numeracy (Reception)/ Numeracy (Year 1)

The Reception children will be counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, ordering numbers, and adding or taking away  from a number. The focus will be numbers up to 30, with children being extended when they are confident. We will be looking at shapes and patterns. The Year 1 children will be looking at basic number, using all four operations to solve problems. They will be looking at patterns and relationships between different aspects of mathematics.


Expressive arts and design (Reception):

The children will be exploring and experimenting with different media and materials, and will be encouraged to use their imaginations in different ways; crafts, music, dance, role play and stories.

The topic this term is Pulse and Rhythm (Music Year 1).

The theme is Moving Vehicles (Design Technology Year 1).


Understanding of the World (Reception):

In the class we are hoping to hatch some chicks, and outside the children will have opportunities to grow plants.  They will also be investigating other countries around the world.

Plants and animals in the local Environment/Variation (Year 1 Science)

Using ICT to ask and answer questions (Year 1 ICT)

Investigating countries around the world and making comparisons (Year 1 Geography)

Learning about Muslim families and thinking of festivals specific to Islam (Year 1 Religious Education)




Drinks money:

If you would like your child to have a drink at snack time each day, please bring it in at the beginning of the week in an envelope with your child’s name on. This avoids confusion!



Naming Clothing:

Please make sure all your children’s clothing is named as it makes it easier to match the clothing to the child at the end of the school day.



The children are doing really well with their reading so please continue to support them each day, thank you.



In letters and sounds the year 1 children are given weekly spellings; please try to practise these with your child each day. They have their spelling test on a Friday.


Slide and play equipment:

Due to health and safety reasons, please do not allow your children to play on the slide in the outdoor area, or on the equipment in the larger playground, while dropping them off or picking them up. For insurance purposes, children are only allowed to use the equipment during school hours when they have the correct footwear on, and are supervised by teachers.


Picking up after school:

If someone other than the usual person will be picking up your child after school, please do let one of us know. Many of you have already been doing this, so thank you!


If you would like to talk to us….

We like to keep in touch with you, so if you would like a quick chat when you pick your child up please come and find us. Alternatively if you would like a longer appointment please arrange that with us.


The children have enjoyed telling the class about activities they have been doing outside of school, so please continue to try to send in a WOW post-it each week.