Wed Sep 18 2019

Chinese New Year 2014


             Friday 31st January 2014
The children celebrated Chinese new year and the year of the horse.
They learned how to say Good Morning in Cantonese and Mandarin using a website to ensure they had the correct pronunciations!
They looked at Chinese numbers and used paint to try and replicate them. They thought they were much more difficult to remember than the ones we use!
We read the story of the Chinese zodiac about the animals that raced across the river and later they had the opportunity to find out what animal they were depending on their date of birth. We have some monkeys, rats, horses and ox in our class!
We watched a video of Chinese new year celebrations and the significance of the dragons and lanterns. In the afternoon they designed and made their own dragons and lanterns.
They had a wonderful day and have learned a little about a different culture.