Sun Aug 18 2019

Cat Newspaper Articles

In Big Writing, Class 3 were given the fun task of writing a newspaper article based on the photo below.
They created their own catchy headlines and imaginative articles. Here are some extracts from the children’s articles.
POLICE CAT FOILS PRESENT THIEF. "I was asleep until I heard a big crash as the thief toppled over. George is our hero," dad stated in his interview. Thomas
ROBBER ROBBED PRESENTS...CAT SAVED THE DAY. George saw the burglar go in an out the houses with a sack getting bigger and bigger with presents. He said, "Oh no, I must help". Eliza
CHRISTMAS RUINED FOR SOME POOR KIDS. On of the children is quoted as saying, "WHERE ARE MY PRESENTS?" They searched all around the house but still no presents so they got in the investigators.... The investigators found a cat hair and reported it to the police but they couldn't do much. Dominic
SANTA GOT KIDNAPPED. After that Santa got kidnapped. Meanwhile George the cat was a hero because he went and jumped onto Santa's sleigh and delivered the other presents. Lily P
THE SUPER DUPER CAT NAMED WHO SAVED THE MOST TERRIFYING CHRISTMAS EVER.  Christmas Eve, what a night. Santa was out delivering his mysterious presents to all the children. Jack
GEORGE THE CAT SAVES THE DAY. George heard a big bang and a big shout. Maya
I HOPE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO ANY MORE KIDS. Santa was flying his sleigh with his outstanding reindeer called Comet, Cupid, Blitzen, Dasher, Dancer, Dixen, Donner and Rudolph.
Santa swoops in and drops lots and lots of presents. Rachel H
GEORGE THE CAT EARNS SOME PRESENTS. On Monday a cat called George was walking alon the path and he spotted someone creeping towards the house...George started to follow him.
THE CAT THAT STOLE THE PRESENTS AND SANTA. The cat stole all the presents, had a sip of milk and then ripped all the presents open. Summer
THE CAT THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS AND CATNAPPED SANTA. On the 24th December 2011 Santa was catnapped by the evil George. Poppy
CAT SAVES THE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Why do we have presents that we are opening now, right at this moment? I'll tell you why. We are opening our presents right now, today, because of our new hero. Keelan