Sun Aug 18 2019

Anne Boleyn's Diary

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIII and mother to Elizabeth I.  On 19 May 1536, Anne was beheaded at the Tower of London when her daughter was only two years old.


In Big Writing the children enacted Anne Boleyn’s last few days, inspired by the dour music of Bach they went on to write a diary entry of the day before her execution. Here are some extracts from the children’s work.


“It is cold inside this prison, and all I can hear are the crowds gathering outside, and the ravens swooping over the tower, singing their choruses of my death tomorrow.”                                                      Keelan


“I am in a dark tower, people cheering because I am getting killed. At night rats crawling in the tower.”                                                                                  Liam


“I hope you grow strong and brave.”                                                                                                    Sarah


“I hope my daughter becomes a tall and proud Queen someday.”                                                     Summer

“What’s to become of me?”                                                                                                                    Tom


“I feel heartbroken and very sad.”                                                                                                       Eliza


“I hope Henry comes to his senses and stops this execution.”                                                    Connor


“I don’t get much light to write this and the floor is really cold. I hope my daughter has a good life and becomes Queen like me.”                                  Rory


“I can hear the birds circling around, the axe being sharpened, the drumming of the drums and people shouting my name.”                                         Lily B


“I chose sausage, bacon and egg for my last meal but, as you would expect it was not very nice.”                                                                                         Thomas


“I hope my daughter isn’t queen and suffers like me.”                                                                          Connor